I am trying to 仕送り (しおくり) after the word, 送る, somehow the computer thinks し and おくり are separate words, and I get 詩送り. But if I type しおくり in a new line, I would get the correct 仕送り.

How can I get the computer to separate/combine words?

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See Japanese IME Tip #10: Shifting the parsing range (on nihonshock.com).

Basically, you can press shift-left and shift-right to change how the parser chunks your input. In this case, you want to hit shift-right a few times. That should change it from し + おくり to しお + くり, then しおく + り and finally しおくり.

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    Wow. After using an IME for years I've never known this. That would have been so useful so many times. Commented Mar 29, 2013 at 2:10
  • same here. Very useful post.
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