I just got a new Mac a few weeks ago running Moutain Lion (10.8), and I've noticed that they changed the available Japanese dictionaries that are included in the Dictionary.app application. The new ones are ウィズダム英和・和英辞典 and スーパー大辞林.

I know the previous version of the OS (Lion - 10.7) had the プログレッシブ英和・和英辞典 included, and I'd really like to get that back on my new machine. It seems the dictionaries are just stored in the /Library/Dictionaries/ folder.

Does anyone know if/where these dictionaries are downloadable? Are they open-source, open/standard format files, or are they in a proprietary format for Dictionary.app?

Update: I was able to straight-up copy the files from a co-worker's 10.7 (10.6?) Mac over to mine, and the Dictionary.app application picked them up when I restarted it.

I'd still like to know though, if these are downloadable somewhere in the case where one doesn't have access to an older version of the OS.

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    I think they're commercial dictionaries, not free, and that you get them because Apple paid for them. I'm not sure you can download them for free. – snailplane May 16 '13 at 23:13

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