I voted to close this topic asking for proofreading and corrections. I closed it as "Off-topic" with the following sub-choice:

Questions asking for translations are off-topic unless prior research effort is clearly indicated; we're here to help you learn, not provide a bulk translation service. See: We don't do translations.

Here also is the link to the meta answer We don't do translations.

I think the wording in both of these places needs to be changed to include proofreading and corrections. While it's debatable whether or not proofreading and corrections are technically classified as translations, the average user will probably see them as not the same, as I suspect the author of the above topic did. So in their mind, they're probably thinking, "Cool, I'm not asking for a translation, so I'll post it", when really it is off-topic.

So the wording should be made clearer to indicated that we don't do any of the three "services".

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Alternatively, we could add a separate close reason for proofreading. Here's the wording used on the English Language Learners SE site, though we don't have to phrase it the same way:

Proofreading questions are off-topic unless a specific source of concern in the text is clearly identified. See: <link to meta question here>

Each site-specific close reason has a link to the relevant meta discussion. But do we have a meta question about whether or not proofreading is on-topic? I think that we don't, because in the past these questions were closed as too localized. And if we don't, we should make that question first so we have an explanation to link to.

EDIT: I've started a discussion: Should proofreading questions be allowed?

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