I'm looking for some kind of resource in which I can lookup a given name (either in hiragana or kanji) and find out whether the name is more likely to belong to a person who is either male or female.

I know that this can't be done unambiguously since some names are fairly evenly used for both genders, but for some names like e.g. 次郎{じ.ろう} or かなこ, I would expect this resource to tell me that the former name is predominantly used by males, and the latter predominantly by females.

For reference, this answer on SO contains a link to a resource that is probably the English equivalent of what I'm looking for (except that I can't access it to make sure, because the US government is down at the moment).

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  • Rather than a formal resource, Google and Google Images usually give pretty good indications.
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WWWJDIC uses a special version of ENAMDICT which merges entries for the same kanji and sorts readings by approximate frequency order. Given name results are tagged (f) for female, (m) for male, and (g) for given name not yet classified (see ENAMDICT docs here).

You can also download ENAMDICT, but it might be less useful in its regular version. But Jim Breen posted in sci.lang.japan that someone was "welcome to a copy of that file", so perhaps he would be willing to share it if you emailed him.

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