Considering 4 out of 5 questions deal with it directly/also include it, it seems to make sense to fold the two together. Thoughts?

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Intonation and pitch accent are different. Accent marks the presence of a large phonemic drop in pitch. You can ask a question with rising intonation, but this doesn't change the word's accent. Some particles have different meaning with different intonation, but again this is not a matter of pitch accent.

I'm against making tags for two distinct concepts into synonyms. Instead, we should try to use each tag when appropriate.

  • I agree. Maybe I'm simplifying but isn't it a bit like that: accent is used to describe variations within words (or maybe phrases, e.g. word + particle) that have grammatical or lexical meaning. Intonation doesn't distinguish words, it's used to give additional meaning to the whole message (e.g. making it a question or showing emotions).
    – Szymon
    Apr 15, 2014 at 21:22

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