As things stand, the tag is kind of useless - the tag wiki excerpt reads

Questions concerning the terms (words and phrases) which may be used to cover specific concepts, fields, or phenomena.

Or, in other words, "questions about words and phrases". But we already have tags for that - and 1!

A common thing on other SE sites is to use the tag specifically for terminology about the primary topic of the site - so in this case, that would be for terminology used to describe the Japanese language itself, e.g. things like "What is the Japanese word for noun?" or "What exactly is a 拗音?". This would make the tag more useful as a classification device. We already use the tag in this capacity on questions like Is there an easily accessible list of terms in the Japanese grammar written both in Japanese and English? and How do you classify a word like "電子レンジ"?.

We could then make better use of the by applying it to questions that are really about field-specific jargon, like Clarification of hard to understand Japanese Mahjong rule (mahjong) and How to call a wait pointer in Japanese? (computing) and Is there a strict usage difference between 耐性 and 耐容 in medical contexts? (medicine; already tagged).


1 Auxiliarily, it would be nice to have the tag called instead.

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  • I'm generally fairly cynical about tags on this site in general, but I like the idea of purging terminology, perhaps in favor of linguistic-terminology or something similar. – jkerian Jun 24 '14 at 9:21

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