Enter-to-submit-comments interferes with Japanese input. It's vital that it be disabled on Japanese.SE. It's been disabled on our main site for a long time; see this bug report:

  Please disable Enter to submit comments

I thought it was disabled on meta, too, but apparently it isn't right now. Unfortunately, this is interfering with our users' ability to post comments (unless they happen to be less than 15 characters long, since enter can't submit a comment below the minimum length).

Please disable enter-to-submit-comments on meta.japanese.

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Done, should be working the same as on the main site now.

  • Consider also implementing the bugfix documented here (use a keydown handler instead of a keyup handler), which should allow submitting comments with the Enter key while also retaining IME compatibility. Commented Mar 2, 2015 at 19:07

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