( I had to choose a tag, so i picked the [bug] tag,
       but this is a cute anomaly that i hope will not go away. )

In the text at the very end, [用言句] (both occurrences) looks bold & smaller than the other subscripts. (Ok, maybe not bold) . . . Why is this?

( Only in IE, with Chrome the subscripts look the same size. )

(体言句) [用言句] [用言句] Text[用言句]

Knowing these rules immediately helped me parse these sentences:

  1. そのモンスター撃退で経験値は何点来る?

  2. そのモンスター撃退で来る経験値は何点?

      (1) 文 = (連用句)+(体言句)+ [用言句]
    1. (連用句)( そのモンスター撃退で ) + (体言句)(経験値は) +(体言句)(何点) + [用言句][来る]?

    2. (体言句)( そのモンスター撃退で来る経験値は ) +(体言句)(何点)? -- ( [用言句] [ですか]? is probably omitted)

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    Can you take a screenshot for those of us without IE? (Can't detect any difference in Firefox either.) – Earthliŋ Mod Aug 25 '16 at 22:12

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