I am wondering if anyone can recommend some exemplary Japanese essayists (or Essay collections), preferably whose content is accessible in digital format (though this is not strictly necessary--physical books are definitely OK). Whether they're a columnist, creative essayist, or otherwise is fine with me--whatever you've found interesting.

Thank you!

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Perhaps not that long, but definitely check out Itoi Shigesato's Hobo Nikkan Shimbun (aka ほぼ日、「今日のダーリン」). Despite the name, it's been running daily without a miss since 1996, making it one of the longest-running essay blogs in the world (it predates the word "blog", thus shimbun). It's digital and the latest essay is always free; collections and selections are available in book form.

Also check out the Murakamis (Haruki and Ryū), who both have well-received essay collections, many of them with ebook editions at amazon.jp; and if you want something for intermediate learners, there's also Read Real Japanese Essays, which can double as a way of getting to know essayists you like.

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Find amazon.co.jp with the keyword エッセイ

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