For example I know UA did a song I love that I lost some where in the AppStore cloud.

It was down and melancholic so that should narrow things down a bit.

Throughout the song she keep screening out to her mom:ねえーママー

As if warning her. Random lyrics below: この道が | 死んじゃうよう |死んじゃうから」

Reaaly sad song.

Is this sort of thing allowed?

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I don't think this type of question would be suited for this site, although you can always try to ask in chat.

Firstly, I think it is quite unlikely that such a question attracts any answers. Secondly, once it is answered, the only useful information contained in the posts will be the name of a song matching certain keywords. This has little to do with Japanese as a language.

I would try to use a search engine to look for lyrics with these keywords. (Searching for UA この道 ママ 死んじゃう I think I found it: AJICO 『カゲロウソング』, lyrics, YouTube.)

  • I. Agree just had to ask.what's fun is that I think itbmsy be a ajicosong afterall Feb 22, 2017 at 10:17
  • You;re awesome! This is precisely where I needed to ask! While that window was open. Feb 22, 2017 at 10:25

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