This may be out of place, and it's certainly a beginner's question.

I can find no way to type hiragana with combinations on iOS, using the hiragana keyboard.

An example is kyo きょ I can find no way to type this combination using the hiragana keyboard on iOS.

What is the required combination please?

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  • You can type small letters by tapping "小" – Dim Jun 29 '17 at 10:42

As Dim mentions, you need to use 小("small") button after you type the "big" kana. So, to type きょ:

  1. type (flick 'か' left)
  2. type (flick 'や' down)
  3. tap which will turn into , giving you きょ.

P.S. On non-vowels, 小”° is also used for adding dakuten (e.g. tap once for は→ば) or handakuten(tap twice for は→ぱ).

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If you use the 日本語ローマ字 (Romaji) keyboard then the key sequence kyo will expand to きょ.

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