I was looking up how the grammar of こと works for "I like verbing" style sentences, as I wanted to have a valid example before putting it into my Anki. I came across I like to do 'Verbs' , which was closed as a translation request.

In my opinion, the question intended to ask about how to do "I like verbing", and gave four examples of sentences that involve "I like verbing".

I can understand a request to translate four totally unrelated sentences into Japanese as an ordinary translation request. I can also understand, that if the OP had posted twenty different examples and wanted them all to be translated, that someone might be trying to get the internet to do their homework for them. However, I don't see this as a problem here. If someone suspects homework cheating for this question, the best approach would be to only give one example of how to translate it.

I don't think this question is trivially googleable - when I was searching for "I like to こと", I got a lot of hits for websites written in Japanese for native speakers of Japanese trying to learn English grammar, rather than websites for native speakers of English learning Japanese grammar.


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