Here is the question, which is related to self-directed learning of the pronunciation of some characters in the Japanese alphabet.

I've been looking for videos on pronunciation for these sounds in Japanese alphabet ゐ, ゑ, and ぢ, but couldn't find any, are those not being used in the modern Japanese alphabet? If not, where can I find video lessons teaching their pronunciation?


I think rather than only asking for resources (off-topic), just ask your question — answers may or may not include links to videos or other sites. (You can always state that links to videos would be a welcome addition to answers.)

As for your question, we have a number of related questions already:

ゐ and ゑ


ゐ and ゑ are obsolete & for all modern pronunciation purposes ゐ = い, ゑ = え, ぢ = じ.

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