I am looking for the best website or resource for searching for natural sample sentences for any given Japanese word. There are a lot of online dictionaries these days, but sometimes the examples are not curated properly and the sentences can be very strange.

I'd like some advice from native speakers of Japanese on what they consider the best dictionary/online resource which contains practical, natural and useful sample sentences when searching for a word.

Here's an example. I can search for the word 衰える and find on jisho.org:

This strikes me as an example which is less useful than the following, from kotobank.jp:

This is simple and useful. I favor sites like kotobank but they don't always have sample sentences.

Any advice or recommendations would be appreciated.

  • A lot of the sentences used on jisho.org ultimately come from the Tanaka Corpus, which has problems. I prefer to get example sentences either from published dictionaries (which use short sentences) or “in the wild”. – JAM Mar 23 at 16:09

I'm not a native speaker like you requested, but this is free, searchable online corpus that I would highly recommend. Maybe some native speakers could comment on it?


Using your example, I suggest typing in「衰え」in the search bar (so that you can pick up all of the conjugations) and then only checking the two "Yahoo!" entries. I think you'll find a lot of "natural" examples like you're looking for.

enter image description here

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    It may be worth noting that you have to agree to the terms of use at the bottom of the page before the page with the search bar appears. – user3856370 Feb 15 at 16:09
  • Yes I am aware of this resource and I agree that it's very good ! Thanks. – kandyman Feb 16 at 16:47

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