I wanted to know how everyone is typing in their Japanese whenever asking their questions? I know this is a beginner question but I can’t figure out how everyone is doing it?

I thought about using an Apple Pencil in conjunction with my iPad to write the Japanese in google translate and then copy and paste from there. This would help me learn how to write the Japanese as well as to read it, wouldn’t it? Is there some guide that someone can show me?


Rather than using Google translator, you are better to set up the Japanese keyboard on your Ipad. Most of the people type with a romaji keyboard either way, so even if you are not familiar with hiragana yet feel free to use it. Below is a guide about how you install the Japanese keyboard.

Go to “Settings” and tap “General.” It's in the third grouping of menu items for me. Select “Keyboard.” ... Tap “Keyboards.” ... Select “Add New Keyboard.” ... Tap “Japanese.” ... Select “Romaji” (or “Kana” if you want to type in hiragana) and tap “Done.”

Google Translator is definitely one of the worst choices to learn Japanese by.

About writing a character in: each kanji has its own recognizable components, each being written with a certain order of strokes. Learning the order help memorizing kanji big time plus this way you are able to recognize people's handwriting much more easily, as you already know the "flow" of each character.

About readings given in Google Translator: almost always you won't see all of the readings of a character.

About meanings provided in Google Translator: while the default translator's dictionary show you some of the meanings, the full list is usually significantly vaster, plus you won't learn the nuances.

For that purpose Kanji Study app is a great choice (it helped my friend learn 1000+ kanji in half a year and 400 for me for 3 month)

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