A brower script which render ruby (furigana) on-the-fly.

  • Works on
    • Google Chrome (Tested only on Chrome 14 dev)
    • Firefox with GreaseMonkey (Tested only on Firefox 5.0, 7.0a1)
    • Opera (Tested only on Opera 11.50)
    • Safari with NinjaKit on Mac (Tested only on Safari 5.0 OSX 10.6.5)
    • Internet Explorer with Trixie (Tested only on IE8)
  • Now work with live contents like added comments and dedicated support to []{} format.
  • Option to choose strictness level (ruby mode)

    enter image description here

  • Option to hide ruby texts and convert those to hover texts
  • Option to hide rĊmaji ruby texts

Note: using localStorage to store settings

For more info and download:

Note: If you are not sure how to install userscript, please take a look at https://stackapps.com/tags/script/info, and you may need to install again to get latest update.

More screen shots

screenshot-2, screenshot-3, screenshot-4

  • Note: I have cleaned up all comments to get cleaner look.
    – YOU
    Commented Sep 26, 2011 at 1:41
  • Did the script get updated when this change happened? (...Did they actually change anything? It's not entirely clear to me from the discussion there...) Commented Jul 30, 2023 at 5:09
  • I am not sure about user script api supported by stack exchange, but user script in this post is merged into japanese.stackexchange.com since Geoff Dalgas answer, So, bacially api changes does not affect this I think.
    – YOU
    Commented Jul 31, 2023 at 11:46

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We have included this userscript as part of the core site to support rendering ruby (furigana) on-the-fly. I will be watching this post for any updates to this script. Thanks to YOU for his work on this thus far.

EDIT: I have made additional edits to this script - the options will now be located in the footer:

language options


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