Once upon a time, pressing Enter submitted comments, even while converting Kanji using Japanese input methods. This was fixed by disabling Enter to submit comments altogether:

Then, there was a fix. (Thank you @Chocolate for letting me know.)

With this fix (*), Enter now sends comments, except when you're selecting the conversion suggested by the input method.

I feel this is irksome, and would like you to concider disabling Enter altogether again. We press Enter frequently while typing in Japanese (変換文字列の確定のために): very often I press Enter twice accidentally, which sends the comment without my intention. I usually end up editing 3-4 times before my comment is finally what I meant it to be.

Enter to submit suits for input boxes where it isn't otherwise pressed: comments in English, in one hand, is a good fit because no newlines are included; comments which include Japanese, on the other hand, are more like normal posts or tweets in this regard. For shortcut, Ctrl+Enter should send the comment.

The idea was briefly discussed in the response for (*), but I don't think it gathered enough attention from the community.

Environment (just in case): Linux (Xubuntu 18.04), Mozilla Firefox 70.0.1, fcitx+mozc for Japanese input.

(Heavily rewritten 18 hours after initial post)



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