I wish to make a deck in anki or play around with certain vocabulary, but I want to separate it from new kanji learning.

So the idea is to take for example N5 kanji, and make a list of matches, i.e. 一日, it's N5 only, and it goes on.

If it works I might later mix the levels and etc, as I study them, the question is:

Do I have to make the gathering all by myself or do anyone know such tool that may do it for me?


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Use tags.

You could select all the items in the current learning process and apply a tag such as N5 (you can apply tags to all items at once by using Ctrl+A and typing the tag). Whenever you add new items, tag the items with a new tag such as N4. You can then easily make separate decks or custom filter decks by simply selecting all items with a specific tag and moving them to a designated deck. You might want to have separate decks for each JLPT level, which you can merge at a later date when you pass that JLPT level.


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