Does anyone know any website or corpus (apart from jisho.org, weblio, reverso context or glosbe) where for a given word I can get lots of simple sentences with that word?

There are many times that when I look for examples of use of a word in jisho.org I get none or the sentences that appear are not useful to me.

After some googling I have found some pages that also give example sentences, but these are all the same as the sentences on jisho.org. :(

Could you please tell me any other website in which I could look for example sentences?

Thank you so much in advance!

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Tsukuba Web Corpus is excellent. (http://nlt.tsukuba.lagoinst.info/search/)


I'm surprised no one has pointed you to the resources page as it contains links to every corpus we know about.

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I often use 青空文庫 (https://www.aozora.gr.jp/) combined with google search: query with "the-word" + site:aozora.gr.jp. For example, try "お手本"

Another great source is 少納言, there's also 中納言 with more features but requires login (free registration).

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