I'm considering taking the JLPT N5 test, after a few years of part-time study with a tutor. I'm currently studying GENKI II.

I took the JLPT practice today, and got 10 of 15 correct. Is there any way to tell whether that is equivalent to a passing score?

I don't really understand the JLPT scoring system, and I realize this is just the practice test. But am I ready to take the test if I got 10 out of 15 on the practice test?

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According to this site, JLPT N5 consists of

  • Reading (120) and
  • Listening (60),

so that the full score is 180. The passing score is 80 overall with reading > 38 and listening > 19.

So if you can score 2/3 on practice tests consistently, you may have a good chance of passing it.

This seems to be the official description (passing score is not mentioned).

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