I self-study Japanese. I am at JLPT N3 Level (if we will base it on the certificate that I have). However, I really think I'm weak with grammar. I mostly understand when someone speaks Japanese, but I am having a hard time choosing the right term. I mostly struggle with verb tenses and many other things about grammar. Can somebody recommend me any free online material where I can easily learn and practice (preferably one that really starts with the basic rules)

I'm not just so into language app full of just quizzes, I really want a material with explanation.

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http://www.guidetojapanese.org/grammar_guide.pdf (Tae Kim's grammer guide)

https://wildnihongo.com/ A website on Japanese grammer

These are two resources I have for you; they are free to use and download, and rest assured no copyright violations will take place if you use them.


This website lists grammar lessons at the JLPT N3 level. It's more of a list of grammar structures, but it des help.

Here is a list of grammar rules at the N3 level. A quick glance over this might help you as well. You can click each structure for more details, making it similar to a textbook.

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