Unless I'm missing something, the FAQ does not explain what is in or out of scope.

When closing a technology-related question, a diamond mod said

It is absolutely off-topic and you are invited to read through the FAQ before posting next time.

I clicked on the FAQ link within "Questions on Japanese Language and Usage - Stack Exchange are expected to generally relate to the Japanese language, within the scope defined in the faq."

The only bits that I noticed describing what should or shouldn't be asked are:

Japanese Language and Usage - Stack Exchange is for students, teachers, and linguists wanting to discuss the finer points of the Japanese language.

which is largely hype rather than meaningful information, and the section starting with

You should only ask practical, answerable questions based on actual problems that you face.

neither of which explain that technology-related questions are off-topic.

I'm not disputing that the consensus is that technology-related questions are treated as off-topic, I'm just saying it isn't documented in the FAQ.

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"FAQ" here was a shortcut for "the FAQ and relevant sections in Meta" (particularly and ).

The FAQ you are referring to is a generic placeholder shared across all SE sites (and largely non-modifiable by JLU admins or users). It does however mention the existence of Meta and recommend users have a look there.

Said sections (as well as the original Area51 section, which for some reason does not get featured prominently, even though it contains an exhaustive list of good/bad sample questions) have explained time and again that JLU is not a site for resources about Japanese, nor language-unrelated cultural items about Japan.

There might be some grey area within Japanese-related questions, but there is absolutely none when it comes to "how do I do get my computer to do this"-questions...

I do not personally think this is the most user-friendly way to present the site rules (in a perfect world, some very dedicated users with a lot more spare time than I have, would organise FAQ-tagged posts into something much cleaner and more readable) and I realise it takes more effort than it should to find this information, but these are the breaks.

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  • An answer that gets accepted by the community, that is!
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  • Accepting because of the existence of this question which is tagged FAQ.
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