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How should I format my questions on Japanese Language SE?

Japanese Language Stack Exchange has a few features and conventions to help everyone with understanding each other's questions and answers. If you find them useful, please feel free to use: Furigana ...
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What notation should we use for showing the pitch accent of words?

Japanese, as I imagine most (if not all) of you are aware, has a pitch accent system, which essentially means that the pitch pattern of a word can be and is often a very important factor in ...
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Adding Furigana to other people's articles

Would it be OK if I edited other people's posts to add Furigana if there isn't any, even for much older posts? If it is, are there instances e.g. where Furigana shouldn't be used/repeated, for ...
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Is it possible to add support for Ruby tags or any other mechanism for Furigana?

Furigana is extremely useful if not indispensable in site dedicated to studying Japanese, but unfortunately the Stack Exchange software doesn't seem to support it out of the box. I've already seen ...
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What is the correct approach to romaji, kana, and/or kanji in example answers?

I like to offer example sentences when I answer a question. However, I can't assume that every reader will know every word I want to use. How should I indicate kanji readings? For example, see my ...
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JL&U Hacks - Ruby Rendering

A brower script which render ruby (furigana) on-the-fly. Works on Google Chrome (Tested only on Chrome 14 dev) Firefox with GreaseMonkey (Tested only on Firefox 5.0, 7.0a1) Opera (Tested only on ...
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Furigana engine: modified version with various bugfixes, added features

I've uploaded a modified version of the Furigana engine to The changes include various bugs fixed and added features. Fixed bugs: I've added the problem ...
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Furigana engine update

As a follow up to Furigana engine: modified version with various bugfixes, added features, I've tried to fix various issues which have cropped up, and posted the changes to
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Updating the FAQ

According to Updating the FAQ for a StackExchange site it is now possible for moderators to edit the FAQ, but I do not know if this is also the case for beta sites. If yes, could we at least put a ...
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Is JL&U being student unfriendly?

This might be a bit open-ended, but something that we need to think about as over time the metrics for the site have actually gotten worse (8.6 questions per day when this question was asked and it is ...
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Should words and sentences be written in two of the three scripts in the title?

I'm not sure how the search works, first of all. However, for instance let's say a beginner wants to ask about the word/verb "kakeru". Well more often than not, he will write it in romaji. If he's an ...
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What is the decision-making process for this community?

There have been several issues on meta that "the community" is supposed to decide, such as Is automatic posting of questions in chat room useful to chat room users? Deciding on an "officially ...
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