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What questions are not allowed on Japanese Language SE?

Most of the questions that we have downvoted and closed as off-topic on the Japanese Language Stack Exchange site have violated one (or more) of the following guidelines. No Questions that violate ...
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Good Kanji book for Japanese beginner

Could you suggest some good Kanji books for Japanese beginner? I have checked these resources, Resources for learning Japanese, didn't find any useful ones... Thank you!
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Sanseidō Daijirin, 3rd edition, link rot

The link for Sanseidō Daijirin, 3rd edition here in the resources post seems to have expired. Any idea where else it can be found online? Or should we remove it from the resources post?
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This is not an opinion. It should not be closed for being opinion based

I am not a frequent user here. But I have to say having my well-recieved question (now migrated) closed with no explanation other than that it is "opinion-based" speaks really poorly for the ...
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What are authoritative Japanese grammar books written in Japanese?

I know Kojien is the most authoritative dictionary. What are some authoritative grammar books written in Japanese?
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This is not a question about the Japanese language

Whatever happened to the close vote reason: "this is not a question about the Japanese language"? Did I just dream that this used to be one of the pre-made reasons for closing a question? A ...
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How to improve kana reading speed?

My friend and I are beginning (~6 months) learners of Japanese, and while we both "know" the kana, we still read very slowly - slowly enough in my case that by the time I finish reading a sentence, I'...
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How to approach Japanese Graded Readers?

I am an absolute beginner. Only level 2 on Wanikani and I've gone through a couple of chapters in Genki. I would like to read something in Japanese and Japanese Graded Readers are famously good ...
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Where to find simple example sentences

Does anyone know any website or corpus (apart from, weblio, reverso context or glosbe) where for a given word I can get lots of simple sentences with that word? There are many times that ...
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If there is a public domain list of Japanese words for free download

Wondering if there is a list of Japanese words for free download (i.e. public domain, not creative commons). Perhaps it is in the form of a: Dictionary Word frequency list Corpus annotation ...
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Place to learn Japanese but in Romaji?

I know how bad it is to learn Japanese in Romaji, but I can't learn alphabets for some reason, so is there a place to learn Japanese but in Romaji? like grammars, words and such....
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Why do we have the resources tag on the main site?

One of our more disgruntled users asks a very good question. Why do we have the resources tag on the main site when questions asking for learning resources are off topic? Should we remove this tag to ...
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Suggestions on how to translate handwriting I can't read

An artist I follow on twitter recently uploaded a video where they write some text on a piece of paper. Now, I understand some of it, but most of it I'm not good enough to read, and so I can't put it ...
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What are the tools used for typing Japanese?

I am new to Japanese. I wanted to know what are the tools used for typing Japanese (specifically desktop typing, not mobile). Phonetic tools are always available to type languages, but are there any ...
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How to type 三人 etc. with IME?

一人 & 二人 are trivial to type with the (Windows) IME keyboard, but I can't get it to do 三人 through to 十人 just from typing the romaji (sanri etc.). It comes up with 三里 by default, with no option to ...

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