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Great websites for beginner reading [duplicate]

I am wanting to focus on reading. But I'm finding it hard to find websites for kids to go on, or websites with stories for kids to read. I came across this site which has fairy tales, but I'd like ...
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What is the best software/website to aid learning japanese? [duplicate]

I began learning Japanese 1 year ago. The first thing I did was to begin looking for software and websites to help me. I readily came across software like Rosetta Stone and websites like Japanese101. ...
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What questions are not allowed on Japanese Language SE?

Most of the questions that we have downvoted and closed as off-topic on the Japanese Language Stack Exchange site have violated one (or more) of the following guidelines. No Questions that violate ...
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Can this site include questions about resources one would use to learn the Japanese Language?

Re: What are good sources for streaming Japanese language television? I originally assumed that the site was centered on the Japanese Language and would include resources for learning the language as ...
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Community Promotion Ads - 2015

As your site is undergoing our new design-independent graduation process, you'll be enjoying your own run of design-independent Community Promotion Ads! What are Community Promotion Ads? Community ...
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How to improve kana reading speed?

My friend and I are beginning (~6 months) learners of Japanese, and while we both "know" the kana, we still read very slowly - slowly enough in my case that by the time I finish reading a sentence, I'...
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Is checking handwriting on topic or off topic?

Consider the following questions Is my Hiragana good? [closed] How is my hiragana hand writing and which one needs to be work on? [closed] Is my hiragana writing understandable? Is my Hiragana ...
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Scope amendment: Character recognition requests?

In the recent spring cleaning effort, I have found a fair amount of questions that are character recognition requests. The Help Center page currently states that direct translation/proofreading ...
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Tokenizer of Japanese sentences

Is there any open-source tokenizer of Japanese sentences? For example (according to this answer) 住宅地域における本機の使用は有害な電波妨害を引き起こすことがあり、その場合ユーザーは自己負担で電波妨害の問題を解決しなければなりません。 Becomes something like 住宅地域 に ...
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Scope amendment: Should questions about Resources be allowed on JLU?

EDIT: It has been over a year since the "vote" has been counted and the vote total no longer has any useful meaning. As noted in the comments, the vote total while the question was current was: Yes:7,...
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Rikaisan - Rikaichan/kun for Opera

I don't know if this even qualifies for the meta board, but I thought I'd let the Opera lovers out there know that they no longer need to start up Firefox/Chrome when they need their favourite browser ...
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Resource questions revisited (2013)

We've had several prior discussions about resource questions, but it has been a while: A discussion from May 2011, hesitantly leaned towards allowing resource questions, but the opinions were mostly ...
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Calligraphy resources?

Looking at Resources for learning Japanese, I don't see much in terms of calligraphy. Things I'm looking for are: Calligraphy datasets: stroke shapes and order, samples of handwritten characters, ...
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How to find a Japanese-speaking flatmate

How do I find a Japanese-speaking flatmate in a place where it is not frequently spoken? (say Sydney, Australia, but totally as a hypothetical example, because I don't want to be seen as spamming) Do ...
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Updating the FAQ

According to Updating the FAQ for a StackExchange site it is now possible for moderators to edit the FAQ, but I do not know if this is also the case for beta sites. If yes, could we at least put a ...
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