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Resources for searching Japanese Corpora

I am trying to put together a list of useful links and resources for people who want to search various Japanese corpora. In my experience, some of the websites and interfaces are less than ideal, in ...
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Are mneomonic suggestions on-topic?

Are suggestions for remembering Kana/Kanji on-topic on this site? I know there are many resources available online for Kana mnemonics (which have helped me a lot up to now), but I am struggling to ...
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Rikaisan - Rikaichan/kun for Opera

I don't know if this even qualifies for the meta board, but I thought I'd let the Opera lovers out there know that they no longer need to start up Firefox/Chrome when they need their favourite browser ...
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Resources for word nuances?

I'm currently trying to translate a speech E-J, and I'm aware I could get things wrong if I don't understand the nuances of Japanese words - which, put simply, I don't. My level is very basic, and I'm ...
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Let's get critical: Mar 2014 Site Self-Evaluation

We all love Japanese Language Stack Exchange, but there is a whole world of people out there who need answers to their questions and don't even know that this site exists. When they arrive from Google,...
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Asking for free kana sound samples

Would it be alright to ask (on the main site) if someone knows about (and could provide a link to) a free, downloadable (creative commons) kana audio set, I need it for a ...
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Pre-prepared messages

If you want to have pre-prepared messages that you expect to copy and paste as a comment multiple times, feel free to post them below. For example, a new user wanting to ask an off-topic question.
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This is not a question about the Japanese language

Whatever happened to the close vote reason: "this is not a question about the Japanese language"? Did I just dream that this used to be one of the pre-made reasons for closing a question? A ...
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How to type 三人 etc. with IME?

一人 & 二人 are trivial to type with the (Windows) IME keyboard, but I can't get it to do 三人 through to 十人 just from typing the romaji (sanri etc.). It comes up with 三里 by default, with no option to ...
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Why buy a paper J-J dictionary instead of using free on-line dictionaries?

Apart from lookup by radical in case I don't already know how to type the word, is there any advantage to buying the printed 大辞泉 over using and Are there more definitions? More ...
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As a person already on a career path, what approach to learning Japanese should I take? [closed]

Background: So I am a professional in the advertising industry with a university degree behind me. I don't really want to forgo my career to learn Japanese, but after my last trip there, I would like ...
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What are authoritative Japanese grammar books written in Japanese?

I know Kojien is the most authoritative dictionary. What are some authoritative grammar books written in Japanese?
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Suggestions on how to translate handwriting I can't read

An artist I follow on twitter recently uploaded a video where they write some text on a piece of paper. Now, I understand some of it, but most of it I'm not good enough to read, and so I can't put it ...
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Sanseidō Daijirin, 3rd edition, link rot

The link for Sanseidō Daijirin, 3rd edition here in the resources post seems to have expired. Any idea where else it can be found online? Or should we remove it from the resources post?
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Good Kanji book for Japanese beginner

Could you suggest some good Kanji books for Japanese beginner? I have checked these resources, Resources for learning Japanese, didn't find any useful ones... Thank you!
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