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Can I ask for translation of some poems? [duplicate]

I saw on twitter two poems and I need help with translation but I'm not sure if I can use stackexchange for it? If not suggest me maybe resources where people can help me.
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Where to ask about learning material [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What questions are not allowed on Japanese Language and Usage? This question was closed as off topic because the site is supposed to discuss the actual language instead of ...
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Resources for learning Japanese

Here at Japanese SE, we see many questions along the lines of "Do you know any books/programs/websites that would help me learn XYZ in Japanese?", even though we (and the stack exchange ...
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How should I format my questions on Japanese Language SE?

Japanese Language Stack Exchange has a few features and conventions to help everyone with understanding each other's questions and answers. If you find them useful, please feel free to use: Furigana ...
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Can this site include questions about resources one would use to learn the Japanese Language?

Re: What are good sources for streaming Japanese language television? I originally assumed that the site was centered on the Japanese Language and would include resources for learning the language as ...
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Should pure translation questions be allowed?

I saw this discussion on chat and I figured we should have it in meta. Should translation questions be allowed, and if so, what kinds? For example: "Plz translate my homework/these song lyrics/this ...
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What sort of writing utensil to use?

I've been slowly learning my hiragana, and I ran into an unexpected dilemma. The characters are hard to write. I know, obvious perhaps. But this being the first alphabet I've learned outside of ...
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Is checking handwriting on topic or off topic?

Consider the following questions Is my Hiragana good? [closed] How is my hiragana hand writing and which one needs to be work on? [closed] Is my hiragana writing understandable? Is my Hiragana ...
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Scope amendment: Character recognition requests?

In the recent spring cleaning effort, I have found a fair amount of questions that are character recognition requests. The Help Center page currently states that direct translation/proofreading ...
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Scope amendment: Should questions about Resources be allowed on JLU?

EDIT: It has been over a year since the "vote" has been counted and the vote total no longer has any useful meaning. As noted in the comments, the vote total while the question was current was: Yes:7,...
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Is it possible to put a “we don’t do translations” warning directly on the ask question page?

By far the largest type of question we get that leads to closes is translation requests. I feel like people wouldn’t create such questions if it was clear that we won’t respond to them. Is there any ...
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How should children actually learn Kanji?

My daughter is 9 and she's having trouble remembering her Kanji. She's learning the regular Japanese school system way (grade 1, 2, etc), but since she's in an English-speaking country she's not ...
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How to handle "need helppp!!!" translation requests?

As this site is getting more and more popular, I forsee that more people will create one-time accounts, posting a question with a meaningless title (such as the above) and trivial content with no ...
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Resource questions revisited (2013)

We've had several prior discussions about resource questions, but it has been a while: A discussion from May 2011, hesitantly leaned towards allowing resource questions, but the opinions were mostly ...
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Is asking to translate a short paragraph from English to Japanese on topic here?

I want to see if I'm allowed to ask such a question in the main site? Would you please translate the following paragraphs into Japanese? a proposal for creating a remote sensing and ...
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