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Deciding on an "officially recommended" format for furigana on JLU [duplicate]

This question is closely tied to two previous questions: What is the correct approach to romaji, kana, and/or kanji in example answers? Is it possible to add support for Ruby tags or any other ...
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Do questions have to be in English?

Does a question (and by extension its answers) have to be posed in English, or are purely Japanese conversations acceptable? What about other languages?
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What questions are not allowed on Japanese Language SE?

Most of the questions that we have downvoted and closed as off-topic on the Japanese Language Stack Exchange site have violated one (or more) of the following guidelines. No Questions that violate ...
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What notation should we use for showing the pitch accent of words?

Japanese, as I imagine most (if not all) of you are aware, has a pitch accent system, which essentially means that the pitch pattern of a word can be and is often a very important factor in ...
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Should we have a standard notation for example sentences?

Many texts and internet resources use certain symbols to prefix correct, sometimes correct, questionable, and incorrect examples: ○ (U+25CB): correct (converts with まる in Windows IME) △ (U+25B3): ...
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What is the correct approach to romaji, kana, and/or kanji in example answers?

I like to offer example sentences when I answer a question. However, I can't assume that every reader will know every word I want to use. How should I indicate kanji readings? For example, see my ...
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Why doesn't furigana work in italicized or bolded text?

Why can I type 漢字{かんじ}, but not 漢字{かんじ} or 漢字{かんじ}? Is this by design? Do I really need to use inline code formatting for kanji with furigana in italicized or bolded text?
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Markdown parser doesn't understand URLs with Japanese

I tried to construct a link like this: [goo](いい/) and it caused the Markdown parser to produce goo, which (if you're reading this in the future) is not ...
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What can we do to make new users more aware of what type of questions to (not) ask?

tl;dr - Is there a way to more easily direct users' attention to the How do I ask a good question? page? I feel like recently there's been a huge influx of crappy questions; usually translation ...
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Furigana engine: modified version with various bugfixes, added features

I've uploaded a modified version of the Furigana engine to The changes include various bugs fixed and added features. Fixed bugs: I've added the problem ...
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IPA and diacritic rendering

In revision #2 of an answer I wrote, there's a diacritic under [c]. On my computer, it looks like this: But for Darius, it looks like this: The diacritic is way to the left of where it's supposed to ...
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Would the furigana extension here also be suitable for adding pinyin on Chinese Language & Usage?

Over on Chinese Language & Usage I started a meta topic yesterday on whether we might consider using the furigana extension from Japanese Language & Usage to add pinyin above characters just ...
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Updating the FAQ

According to Updating the FAQ for a StackExchange site it is now possible for moderators to edit the FAQ, but I do not know if this is also the case for beta sites. If yes, could we at least put a ...
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Formatting Sandbox – Please test stuff here

Other sites have formatting sandboxes, so I figured, why not here? After all, we've got lots of our own special markup. If you need to try out any of the markup or formatting options on Japanese.SE ...
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直 and 喝: Han unification, and being able to write Japanese on JSE

It has already been discussed on the general site meta at Whitelist the <span> tag with the lang= attribute, in order to support Han characters, but I'd like to draw attention to it again here ...
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