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When to use the JLPT tag?

Tag description: The Japanese Language Proficiency Test, or JLPT for short, is a standardized test used to measure skill in the Japanese language of non-native speakers. The current JLPT (revised ...
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What is the difference between the [speaking] and [spoken-language] tags supposed to be?

At the time of writing, speaking has 21 questions, and spoken-language has 17 questions. Looking through those questions, I can't seem to tell why one would choose one of the tags over the other (...
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About the pronunciation tags

We have several tags relating to pronunciation. Some can be distinguished as follows: readings: how the orthography is mapped onto phonemes phonology: rules about phonemes of the language (e.g. ...
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Can someone explain the ellipses tag?

There is no tag wiki on the "Ellipses" tag...and I can't figure out what it means exactly. There are questions with this tag that as far as I can tell don't have anything to do with the use ...
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"writing" tag slightly confusing?

At first, I assumed that writing meant the act of writing something down. However, the tag wiki says Focused on the aspects peculiar to Japanese in its written form rather than the spoken form. ...
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