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This is not an opinion. It should not be closed for being opinion based

I am not a frequent user here. But I have to say having my well-recieved question (now migrated) closed with no explanation other than that it is "opinion-based" speaks really poorly for the ...
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Should questions like this one be closed for lack of detail?

What's difference between these? This question has been closed as a pure translation question, me myself among the people who cast closevotes. The reason for closure is stated as follows ...
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Is closing this as a translation request an over-reaction?

I was looking up how the grammar of こと works for "I like verbing" style sentences, as I wanted to have a valid example before putting it into my Anki. I came across I like to do 'Verbs' , ...
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Can the question about the benefits of learning radicals be reopened?

The question What are the benefits of learning radicals? was closed in October 2014 as "primarily opinion-based". This is a strange close reason for this question, since benefits can be established in ...
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2 answers

What proportion of closed questions get deleted?

What proportion of closed questions get deleted, other than by their author? I'm interested for two reasons: If questions that aren't spam or trolling aren't deleted, then it'd mean that if my first ...
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Is a translation question for “It serves as a good reminder for me” a good fit for the site?

Question: translation for “It serves as a good reminder for me”? by Pacerier The revision 1 of the question simply asked about the correctness of a particular English-Japanese translation, and it did ...
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