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Would allowing preformatted anonymous critical comments help?

It's sometimes frustrating to get downvotes on posts without getting any feedback on what's wrong with them. Would people be more willing to provide critical comments if they could choose from a list ...
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Can comments be made to count as activity?

Currently, comments don't bump a question on the 'recently active' questions view; only edits and new answers do. Comments also don't notify anyone except the question/answer owner they are attached ...
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How to ask multiple follow-up questions

Fairly lengthy answers (such as this or this) are wont to invite multiple follow-up questions by the same person. My question is, what's the best way to ask multiple follow-up questions? It seems ...
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Make comments required for down votes?

On a forum for learning Japanese, I think that when an answer is down voted, it should require a comment to explain what the issue in the question or answer is. I understand the premise behind the ...
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