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Would allowing preformatted anonymous critical comments help?

It's sometimes frustrating to get downvotes on posts without getting any feedback on what's wrong with them. Would people be more willing to provide critical comments if they could choose from a list ...
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Make the serial downvoting reversal script more active

From time to time I get serially downvoted. I wait for the reversal script to kick in, and it doesn't, and when I flag it, nothing happens. It's not because the serial downvoting didn't happen, but ...
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Please explain downvotes ... on answers

When I complain about downvoting, it's usually when it's happening to me or to a question-asker who has a somewhat similar level of Japanese to me. But this time, I've come across someone downvoting ...
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Should we be able to downvote comments here?

There has been discussion about this on meta SE, but I want to ask about it here too. Comments do not serve the same function on all sites on SE, and this leads me to wonder if this sort of 'one size ...
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Can I reasonably assume that this is retaliatory downvoting?

Today, I got 3 downvotes--two were within a minute of one another and the other was 3 minutes later. At the same time, my profile views went up by two. While three downvotes at once, where I only have ...
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4 votes
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Deleting downvoted answer?

I have a question that I submitted an answer to, and it ended up getting 3 downvotes (I won't post the link here because I want to avoid a discussion on the specifics of that question and answer). On ...
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Super fast downvoting (Moderator attention requested)

I just asked this question, and it got a downvote so fast that I sincerely don't even know how the person was able to do it. The downvote came before I even saw the question appear in the main list ...
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7 votes
3 answers

Serial downvoting and downvoting etiquette in general...

I just logged-in and noticed that every single of my contributions (questions and answers) to date had been downvoted: obviously by the same user, most likely without even a reading (there are 10 ...
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