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Let's not use inline code spans

I've noticed an uptick in the use of the inline code span (produced by encompassing the text with ` text `) on our site, mostly for emphasis. But that is not one of its designed purposes. Nor is that ...
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A less than 6 character edit from a new user?

I am puzzling over this edit which appears to be less than 6 characters. In a recent edit that I suggested I had to change a punctuation mark to make it pass muster. Of course I could have also used ...
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Why is this site's suggested edit queue size different from the network default?

On all sites, the suggested edit review queue has a fixed size, and no suggested edits are accepted from anyone if it's full. The queue size is 40 on all other SE sites besides Stack Overflow, but is ...
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Adding tags is fine, but also fixing a typo gets me 'Edits must be at least 6 characters'

I get 'Edits must be at least 6 characters; is there something else to improve in this post?' for fixing a typo on top of adding tags. Just adding tags would be fine. Related to “Edits must be at ...
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How to ask multiple follow-up questions

Fairly lengthy answers (such as this or this) are wont to invite multiple follow-up questions by the same person. My question is, what's the best way to ask multiple follow-up questions? It seems ...
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Editing a third party question, review, history

I tried to contribute to the site by editing a third party question: Difference between 類推する and 推測する I added hurigana and a couple of minor changes (ga to wo, and moving bold to previous line) ([...
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2 answers

Can I edit a post to replace Hiragana by Kanji?

English Can I edit a post to replace Hiragana by Kanji? For example: ごはんをたべます → ご[飯]{はん}を[食]{た}べます とうきょうと → [東京都]{とうきょうと} 日本語 平仮名を漢字に直す編集はしてもいいですか? 例: ごはんをたべます → ご[飯]{はん}を[食]{た}べます とうきょうと → [東京都]{...
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Are tag-only edits intentionally disallowed?

Today, I tried to add the first-person-pronouns tag to this question, but was unable to save due to not changing at least 6 characters within the post itself: In the past (e.g. here or here), I've ...
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2 answers

Sorting out questions with unspecific titles or question scope

The purpose of this meta post is to gather vague questions titled along the lines of "need help with a sentence" or "translation help", and figure out if they're plain translation requests or ...
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3 votes
3 answers

Should we edit out and replace romaji (in certain cases)?

It seems to me that people have generally turned away from using romaji in questions, but I've noticed older posts especially tend to use it...I was wondering if it's okay to replace it with hiragana ...
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9 votes
4 answers

Adding Furigana to other people's articles

Would it be OK if I edited other people's posts to add Furigana if there isn't any, even for much older posts? If it is, are there instances e.g. where Furigana shouldn't be used/repeated, for ...
2 votes
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Could a kindly and knowledgeable editor with appropriate reputation please add romaji (or hiragana) to question 892?

Could a kindly and knowledgeable editor with appropriate reputation please add romaji (or hiragana) to this question: What is the difference between 特殊 and 特別? It seems to cover some points in which ...
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