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7 answers

Can we ask question for which we know the answer?

According to beta stats for questions per day, we're going down to around half of the require amount (15 per day). If those stats does not meet the line, sites rarely comes out of beta according to ...
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7 votes
3 answers

Serial downvoting and downvoting etiquette in general...

I just logged-in and noticed that every single of my contributions (questions and answers) to date had been downvoted: obviously by the same user, most likely without even a reading (there are 10 ...
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2 answers

Homophobia should be discouraged [closed]

Questions about homophobic phrases, such as Is this a slang, and possibly derogatory term, for "lesbian"? , is ok. But homophobia on the part of stack exchange users should be discouraged. ...
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2 answers

Should I self-censor about sexuality?

Recently I attracted the following comment Judging from your other questions, I think you are thinking that kind of things too much in the context of Japanese. In several of your questions, you ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Are comments that come off as condescending or generally abrasive and unwelcoming against the rules?

I'm wondering about what our rules are (or should be) regarding tone of comments. Sometimes comments can be made that aren't outright rude, per se. That is, they don't insult people directly or call ...
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2 votes
2 answers

Are people really being notified of comments in answers, or they just don't want to answer them?

According to the Comment Privilege page, one of the reasons we should comment is "Request clarification from the author". So did I, two days ago, in my first question here. It's been two days since I ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Asking an existing question

If I want to ask an already existing and answered question, since there is something I'm not clear about in the answer, what's the best way? Just to comment (but I noticed the question isn't brought ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Can I reasonably assume that this is retaliatory downvoting?

Today, I got 3 downvotes--two were within a minute of one another and the other was 3 minutes later. At the same time, my profile views went up by two. While three downvotes at once, where I only have ...
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Greetings, signatures, taglines - do we want them in posts?

On Stack Overflow, greetins, signatures, taglines, etc. are discouraged and are usually removed (edited out) from posts. The main reasons are that they take space and put too much emphasis on the ...
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