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2 votes
6 answers

How to format citations from Japanese texts (author, title, &c.)

I'll post a few suggestions so that you can vote. Feel free to add your own suggestion. I've been thinking it would be nice to have establish some guideline how we should format quotations from ...
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1 answer

Should we use quotes for inline Japanese words or phrases?

Longer passages should use block quotes. This is about when you need to use Japanese words or phrases such as 日本語 within an English paragraph. Should we use quotes for Kanji and Hiragana/Katakana? I ...
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5 votes
1 answer

Should proofreading questions be allowed?

We've had a couple of questions so far today that I'd characterize as proofreading questions: Help with basic sentence Both questions received ...
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1 vote
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Can we update the wording on a close reason?

I voted to close this topic asking for proofreading and corrections. I closed it as "Off-topic" with the following sub-choice: Questions asking for translations are off-topic unless prior research ...
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3 answers

What makes a great answer?

What does a great JL&U answer look like? Guidelines for answering this meta-question: One quality per answer Provide a brief explanation of why it is important. Use the comments for discussion. ...
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9 answers

What are the attributes of a good question?

What does a good JL&U question look like? What are the qualities that a perfect JL&U question would have? Guidelines for answering this meta-question: One quality per answer Provide a brief ...