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You have an idea for a new feature, or for a change to the existing functionality.

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Japanese language interface option for Japanese.SE

In the past, we've discussed the possibility of a localized interface for Japanese.SE: Is JLU an English-centric site? & Is it possible to create a localized JLU for Japanese? Creating as much ...
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7 votes
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Suggest adding Japanese monospace fonts to the CSS

I posted a table in an answer and formatted it using full-width space  . I deliberately avoided TAB because it produces inconsistent results in different machines. I expected all full-width ...
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Could we add formatting to closed threads?

I would love it if the JSE would apply special formatting to closed threads. Threads that belong to tags that I'm watching get a yellow hightlight. I can immediately identify these in the list. ...
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Variation selectors are not recognized as Japanese text

Problem The desktop site seems to feature a smart detection of Japanese text span to change the font. However, it fails to recognize variation sequences as continuous Japanese text. 葛󠄀城市 For ...
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Any option to disable 振仮名?

I was trying to clip some good answers to my notebook application. The problem is the 振仮名 will be copied together with the 漢字. The original text: When pasted onto the notebook application:
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Can I download Japanese Language SE’s Markdown parser?

Is StackExchange's Markdown parser, with its additions for Japanese language, available for download so that I can use it to convert my own documents to HTML outside of StackExchange (personal ...
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1 answer

Is there an easy way to create a link to past questions?

When I refer to past questions, I find it cumbersome to create a viewer-friendly link to it, i.e. the text title with the link to the question. I often feel lazy and just put http://japanese....
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Links to Linked and Related questions in mobile mode

Why doesn’t the question page in the mobile mode (for screens with a narrow width) show the Linked and Related sections? I can understand why they cannot be displayed on the right side as in the PC ...
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Furigana rendering options as of 2017/10/16

Why have they changed again? I have mine set to the following: The popups work fine when I hover a kanji, but the furigana is shown all the time regardless of the popup option. Here is how the ...
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who manages the features of japanese SE?

Stackoverflow has a documentation section. That isnt available in japanese SE and in other SE communities. Are the features/settings of japanese SE managed by the moderators? or are they managed by ...
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How to Recommend Deletion of certain Low Quality Posts

Sometimes I review questions and sometimes an answer has been automatically flagged for low quality. Sometimes the answer is just short and the post still answers the question, but often it is giving ...
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