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How to make yourself able to hear pitch accent?

I have hit a wall in my study of Japanese: I am unable to hear differences in pitch accent. None of the other languages I am familiar with use it (those being Hungarian(native), English and French), ...
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Good Kanji book for Japanese beginner

Could you suggest some good Kanji books for Japanese beginner? I have checked these resources, Resources for learning Japanese, didn't find any useful ones... Thank you!
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Learning kanji by reading or writing entire sentences

This is likely a duplicate, but I feel none of the questions I've seen on the topic of learning kanji have answered mine. Please point me in the right direction if this is not the case! To start ...
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How can a foreigner master onomatopoeia?

I know that nowadays there are some databases like the one on The Jaded Network but they are far from being complete. Also, what were manga translators doing before these sites appeared, like where ...
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I need a good resource for looking up particles

I have memorize a lot of verbs like at least both Genki books worth and then some. My problem is i don't understand how particles work at all, i have read dozen of articles asked multiple teacher for ...
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JLPT N4 - Actual required Vocabulary, Kanji and Grammar

There are tons of study materials in book stores, in the Web and available as Apps, that claim to cater for the JLPT N4 test, but is there any reliable source for what is really required for N4 (or N3-...
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How to approach Japanese Graded Readers?

I am an absolute beginner. Only level 2 on Wanikani and I've gone through a couple of chapters in Genki. I would like to read something in Japanese and Japanese Graded Readers are famously good ...
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Is there a thing that reads out loud Japanese and highlights each syllable?

I have a weird way of learning things. In order to learn Japanese, I need a program - an app or website or something - that reads Japanese out loud and for each syllable that is read, it lights up the ...
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Japanese books that teach Japanese?

After I finish learning the Japanese From Zero series, I would like to learn Japanese from Japanese sources such as what a Japanese school/college student would study from. I would like these books to ...
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hiragana / katakana / (kanji) hand-writing practice sheets

I'm looking for hiragana / katakana hand-writing practice sheets for self-print. Best would even be a template that can also be used for kanji. Is there anything available? You can find images on ...
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Taking level N4 or N5 of Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT)

I recently finished a standard two-semester introductory Japanese class that went through Nakama I. The class went well and I'm pretty confident about my understanding of what was covered in it, but I'...
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3 answers

Place to learn Japanese but in Romaji?

I know how bad it is to learn Japanese in Romaji, but I can't learn alphabets for some reason, so is there a place to learn Japanese but in Romaji? like grammars, words and such....
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Postponing Japanese

I was doing Japanese for a few months, then I stopped. Now, it's been a month since I stopped, but I feel like I retain much of the information I had. I plan to return but eventually, I will have to ...
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Should I practice reading or writing kana first?

I'm revising the kana in preparation to study at university, and I'd like to know whether it's better to practice writing them first, or reading them? Does reading naturally follow writing, or vice ...
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How do I learn which verb to use with an object?

How do I learn which verb to use with an object? For example, how do I learn that when you're eating a soup, you shouldn't use "食べる", like you would in English, but instead "飲む"? And that you use "飲む"...
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How should children actually learn Kanji?

My daughter is 9 and she's having trouble remembering her Kanji. She's learning the regular Japanese school system way (grade 1, 2, etc), but since she's in an English-speaking country she's not ...
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What to learn after learning kana?

I'm creating a beginners' Japanese tutorial in form of a social todo–list game. It's meant to be supplementary motivational tool and a means for tracking your progress. I want it also to have an ...
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As a person already on a career path, what approach to learning Japanese should I take? [closed]

Background: So I am a professional in the advertising industry with a university degree behind me. I don't really want to forgo my career to learn Japanese, but after my last trip there, I would like ...
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issue with Microsoft Japanese input

I am trying to 仕送り (しおくり) after the word, 送る, somehow the computer thinks し and おくり are separate words, and I get 詩送り. But if I type しおくり in a new line, I would get the correct 仕送り. How can I get ...
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deleting a duplicate

I just want to highlight something about duplicate questions. I think that duplicate questions such as this one should be closed, but not deleted. The reason is this: someone who doesn't know the ...
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How to improve kana reading speed?

My friend and I are beginning (~6 months) learners of Japanese, and while we both "know" the kana, we still read very slowly - slowly enough in my case that by the time I finish reading a sentence, I'...
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How can I learn to type on a JIS keyboard?

I have a Macbook with a Japanese keyboard for the purpose of assisting my learning the language. I would like to learn to type using a JIS keyboard without using the phonetic IME. Are there any ...
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Learning japanese: looking for a "better than pimsleur" method

Hello and good day to you. I a questions regarding learning japanese language and need some advice: Can you recommend a studying method that is more efficient than "Pimsleur Essential Japanese" (...
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Best Practices for independent study of Japanese (to chat level)

I was searching for a similar question but found nothing. (After all I guess that requirements differ from person to person) So I'm starting from scratch. I've got reasons to study Japanese on my own ...
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Allow limited resource questions in meta?

Since resource based and general learning questions are a major point of discussion right now, what about having a handful of questions here in the meta that we can point people to in the FAQ along ...
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