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Can we allow mathjax on the japanese stack exchange site so that questions about japanese mathematicans can be asked?

Some people might want to ask questions about the Japanese words for mathematical symbols. Can we allow the MathJax plugin on the Japanese stack exchange? ¿What word do Japanese mathematicians use for ...
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6 votes
0 answers

Markdown editing help doesn't mention ruby doesn't mention how to do ruby. Is this something that can be changed per stack exchange, or is it fixed for all sites?
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2 answers

Is there a way to link from meta to a tag on the main site?

Sometimes I'm writing on meta and would like to use the method [tag: + tagname + ] to link to a tag on the main site but that construct links to a tag on the meta site. Is there a way to do what I ...
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3 answers

Issues with bolding

Because Japanese doesn't have spaces, I've noticed a lot of posters have had trouble bolding individual words in sentences (myself included). See this answer for an example: Passive-transitive-verb ...
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4 answers

Markdown parser doesn't understand URLs with Japanese

I tried to construct a link like this: [goo](いい/) and it caused the Markdown parser to produce goo, which (if you're reading this in the future) is not ...
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