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Could/should there be a way to write and save a draft of a question?

I was wanting to ask a question, but realized I left at home a reference book that would have helped me formulate it. So I was gonna start the question, save it as a draft, then finish it at home, ...
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Reduce minimum title length

(I realize that this is probably not something that the JLU mods have control over, but maybe it can be submitted to the general SE people if enough people agree with it) The current minimum length ...
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1 vote
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I can't write "二時” using Windows IME

If I input "niji" the option just doesn't show up. I added it as a custom word in the IME dictionary, but it still doesn't show up. I have to write "futaji" to get "二時". ...
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How is the fundamental difference between this site and most other stack exchange sites being/going to be addressed

What I mean by the the fundamental difference is that it is very difficult for users on the Japanese language site to accurately confirm the correctness of the responses they are getting. With sites ...
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