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Are tag-only edits intentionally disallowed?

Today, I tried to add the first-person-pronouns tag to this question, but was unable to save due to not changing at least 6 characters within the post itself: In the past (e.g. here or here), I've ...
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Can we ban the "writing" tag?

We had a tag called "writing", which contained 16 or so questions about orthography, handwriting, composition and name and other tags in a good mix. I don't think a word as general as writing should ...
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Burninate [spelling]

spelling is redundant. It should be a synonym of orthography.
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About the pronunciation tags

We have several tags relating to pronunciation. Some can be distinguished as follows: readings: how the orthography is mapped onto phonemes phonology: rules about phonemes of the language (e.g. ...
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Please rename tag [typo] to [source-error]

As a discussion in this thread, please rename tag typo (currently 21 questions) to source-error (currently nonexistent). I could retag them one by one, but doing so would bump the questions on the ...
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Benefits of "simplifying" tags on questions?

I noticed that overnight a new user with no edits retagged two of my questions about fish to remove the fauna tag, labelling the edits as "simplifying tags". I don't think I invented the fauna tag, ...
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