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When to use furigana or romaji

I've noticed that this site supports furigana for 漢字{かんじ} and ローマじ{romaji} and I think this is a great feature to aid Japanese learners. However, I'm not sure on the guidelines on when to use which in ...
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Inputting rōmaji diacritic marks (macrons)

I don't usually use much rōmaji, but recently I was writing an article which called for using it quite frequently. I found inputting macrons pretty irritating, such as in words like manyōgana, ...
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Furigana breaks when dashes or hyphens are used

Furigana doesn't work when there's a dash or hyphen in it: てんぷらや{tempura-ya} てんぷらや{tempura-ya} てんぷらや{tempura-ya} てんぷらや{tempura-ya} but works when there's no dash or hyphen: てんぷらや{tempuraya} ...
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What romaji system should be used?

Since there are multiple romaji systems in common use, would it be best to standardize on one, and edit questions/answers to conform to it when the romaji system itself is not the point of the ...
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