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How to ask what a character means?

I was going to ask what a character means but I saw a closed question like it. So if there is a character and you are not sure if it even Japanese how should I structure it?
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Search function equates し and じ

The search function finds both voiced and unvoiced kana with either input. Since these are better considered completely different letters, I am assuming this is a bug. (Maybe this was implemented to ...
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Searching has a huge flaw

Why is each kana mora or each kanji character considered a separate word when searching? Here is an image of the rsults of me searching for よろしく on meta. You can see that the first three results ...
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Why is the search not picking this up?

I did this search: thru SO and thru the link provided. At this time, nothing pulled up. But if do this search: https://japanese....
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Cannot search a single letter

It does not seem that we can search a one-letter word. When we type a single letter in the search box, it takes us to an explanation of how to search instead of the search result. Example: Search 僕. ...
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Will search with different orthographies work?

Most people use Hepburn romanization (I like something phonemic like Yale, better, but whatever), but different people use different systems, often just depending on what they feel like writing or ...
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