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Please help translate our tags

This is a follow-up of Should tag descriptions be prefixed with their kanji/kana equivalent?. For accessibility for native Japanese speakers (as well as for learners), I think it would be nice to ...
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An unofficial style guide to our tag wikis

I've been updating tag excerpts with Japanese translations. The format of our tag wikis is inconsitent, so I'd like to record what format I've followed for the tag wikis I've edited, in case anyone ...
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Why is the Etymology tag excerpt missing some words on the Tags page?

I was looking through the tag excerpts and I noticed the Etymology excerpt that appears on the Tags page doesn't match what appears on the tag pop-up tooltip, the etymology tagged questions page, or ...
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Merge or reword the "set-phrases" and "expression" tags?

I wrote the tag wiki for the set-phrases tag, which is used 11 times and reads: Phrases with fixed words used as a single unit, many of which are idioms. We also have a expression tag which I ...
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