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Japanese language interface option for Japanese.SE

In the past, we've discussed the possibility of a localized interface for Japanese.SE: Is JLU an English-centric site? & Is it possible to create a localized JLU for Japanese? Creating as much ...
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FYI: Hentaigana coming soon

It is long overdue, but hentaigana (変体仮名) are finally coming with Unicode 10. This is a full set of 285 characters. See here for fuller details.
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Restarting the Election Nomination Phase for 2015 Moderator Election

We sorta had a snafu with the election - namely we let the election persist into the election phase without enough candidates to actually have an election. The normal process, as happened over on ...
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Do we like hats?

In 2011, the Gaming Stack Exchange hosted an event called Hat Dash, where users earned "hats" for their gravatars by completing certain tasks (analogous to badges): Certain actions would trigger the ...
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Fun with numbers - JLU usage graphs

I've put together some charts that track JLU's beta health meters at Area51 on an hourly basis. User related stats:,jlu-beta-avid-users.all,jlu-beta-...
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Policy on banning AI-generated content

While there is no network-wide policy on AI-generated answers such as those produced by ChatGPT, judging from our moderating experience over the past months and the related meta discussion, we the ...
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Bolding in Japanese text has finally been fixed!

Bold markup finally works with Japanese! See this announcement on Meta.StackExchange:   Markdown change: Intra-word emphasis now works Until now, we've been working around this problem by using <...
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Please tell us what you're quoting!

Lately, we have lots of questions like this one or this one, asking about some specific text but without telling us where the text came from or what the context might be. I think that's unfortunate. ...
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NHK Slightly Harder News

I think I've finally reached the stage where NHK Easy News is easy (mostly). Filled with confidence in my now truly awesome Japanese skills I thought it was time to read the adult news. Big mistake. ...
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Winter Bash 2016: Hats are coming again soon!

It's almost time for Winter Bash 2016! For several years now, Stack Exchange has run a holiday event called Winter Bash! It's a fun little event where users collect "hats" that you can wear on your ...
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"Proofreading" should be chosen as the close reason for "How does my hiragana look?" questions

From What questions are not allowed on Japanese Language SE?, proofreading is not allowed. It's available as a close reason when closing questions: Questions asking for translations, transcriptions ...
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Reviewing posts flagged as low quality

I sometimes get confused about what I should do in the review queues when a post is flagged as low quality. This is the example I'm currently thinking of. Whilst the answer isn't great, and doesn't ...
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Should sequential tiny edits for old posts be discouraged?

Editing, compared to asking/answering, seems to have less detailed documentation. After I thought of asking this user to slow down a bit, I noticed that I had no specific documentation or discussions ...
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An unofficial style guide to our tag wikis

I've been updating tag excerpts with Japanese translations. The format of our tag wikis is inconsitent, so I'd like to record what format I've followed for the tag wikis I've edited, in case anyone ...
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Goodbye @lélecteur

Just noticed that this user deleted their account few hours ago. It is unfortunate that we didn't throw a farewell party before it happened :'((

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