Miguel Avila

Degree: Systems Engineering (c)

Languages: Java, C++, Python, SQL (MySQL, PostgreSQL & SQLite), PHP, JavaScript (also TypeScript), UX Design (HTML & CSS | with and without bootstrap), C#, GOLang, LaTeX.

Frameworks & stacks: Spring, MEVN, VueJS, Laravel.

First language learned: C++.

Nowadays I know template and template metaprogramming. I don't consider myself as an expert but very proficient and capable.

Some Courses:

  • Front-end Developer
  • Database Administrator
  • IT Technical Analyst
  • IT Technician
  • Software Quality Application on Development Process
  • Quality on Development Process

[My resumé includes more details]

Interests: I like to develop scientific or business software (with proper quality, commonly using the ISO 2500n norm as guide). I have a strong focus on Artificial Intelligence in general and specifically in the area of Deep Learning.