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"Proofreading" should be chosen as the close reason for "How does my hiragana look?" questions

From What questions are not allowed on Japanese Language SE?, proofreading is not allowed. It's available as a close reason when closing questions: Questions asking for translations, transcriptions ...
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Is closing this as a translation request an over-reaction?

I was looking up how the grammar of こと works for "I like verbing" style sentences, as I wanted to have a valid example before putting it into my Anki. I came across I like to do 'Verbs' , ...
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Are question duplicates if answered by an answer to a (somewhat) different question?

This came up recently on this question about the the etymology of イギリス. We've already got a question about イギリス vs. イングランド, where the answer happens to contain the etymology as well. In this case, ...
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